Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner: An Internationally Known Surgeon

Rainer Gruessner: Finding a Solution to Diabetes

Educated in Europe and Trained in both Europe and the United States, Rainer Gruessner continues to pursue his interest in finding a cure for Diabetes Mellitus. His interest involves surgical treatment options for the cure of Diabetes Mellitus, particularly through beta-cell replacement therapies.

Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner MD frequently speaks about diabetes as a “crippling” disease that commonly leads to end-stage kidney disease, blindness, leg amputations, heart attacks and strokes. He also states that more money has been spent annually in the United States on diabetes care and treatment than on both the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars combined. Rainer Gruessner knows that though diabetes is a costly and often life-threatening disease, he also understands that the prevention of some of the disease’s secondary complications could have a major, significant and positive impact on both the healthcare community and the national economy.

Rainer Gruessner MD is a well-known and award-winning Tucson-area surgeon. He has made significant contributions, both in surgery and in transplantation, as the Chairman of the University of Arizona College of Medicine Department of Surgery, a position he was appointed to back in 2007. The Pima County Medical Association awarded Rainer Gruessner the Physician of the Year award in 2011. The University of Arizona, his long-time employer, provided him the Innovation Award in 2009.

Rainer Gruessner is an avid skier, tennis player and swimmer. He works hard to both stay fit and healthy, and is a big fan of exercise and the outdoors. Rainer Gruessner MD enjoys collecting both antique maps and books, and continues to pursue his strong interest in history.


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