Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner: An Internationally Known Surgeon

Rainer Gruessner: Innovating in the Field of Surgery

Rainer Gruessner is the former Chairman of the University of Arizona’s Department of Surgery and a Professor of Surgery and Immunology of the University’s School of Medicine. His long career in the field of surgery is highlighted by many successes, accomplishments, and “firsts”. His never-ending drive to advance the field of surgery has given him a colorful resume chalked full of substantive work in his profession.


Rainer Gruessner obtained his medical degree and his medical thesis (“summa cum laude”) from the Johannes Gutenberg University School of Medicine in Mainz, Germany, in 1983. He obtained his professorial thesis (“Habilitation”) from the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, in 1991. Rainer Gruessner did his residency at the Johannes Gutenberg University before completing a 2-year fellowship in transplantation surgery at the University of Minnesota. He also received additional clinical training in vascular, endocrine and general surgery at Philipps University in Germany, and in living donor liver transplantation at Kyoto University in Japan. He went on to become Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Zurich and the University of Arizona. He has been in surgical leadership positions for over 15 years.

Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner

He has received numerous awards, honors, and grants for his dedicated efforts over the years. In 2009, he received the Innovation Award from the University of Arizona; in 2011, he was honored with the Physician of the Year Award by the Pima County Medical Association; and in 2012, received the Diabetes Cure Award from the American Diabetes Association. His research in the field of surgery has netted him various grants as well, ranging from as small as $15,000 to as large as $3 million.

Rainer Gruessner is an established scholar and researcher as well, serving as author to over 200 published abstracts, over 300 published manuscripts, over 500 meeting presentations, two textbooks (each over 670 pages long), and has been invited to be a guest lecturer or visiting professor over 140 times.


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