Rainer Gruessner

Rainer Gruessner: An Internationally Known Surgeon

Rainer Gruessner : Esteemed Member of the Medical Community

Rainer Gruessner is an esteemed member of the medical community, spearheading innovative developments in the field of transplantation. The patients receiving his treatments praise his expertise and capability to deliver excellent care, and the treatments he has administered have been highly effective in improving the quality of life for his patients.

Rainer Gruessner

Dr. Gruessner began his surgical internship and residency in 1983 at the Johannes Gutenberg University School of Medicine in Mainz, Germany, where he received training in general and pediatric surgery. Following his residency in surgery, Dr. Gruessner completed a fellowship in transplantation immunology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. During this time, he obtained medical licensures in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and was involved in the first-ever split pancreas transplant.

Know more about Rainer Gruessner here:- https://www.behance.net/RainerGruessner

Content Source:- https://www.smore.com/n75ea-rainer-gruessner


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